Growth Marketing StrategistFull time position in Marketing teamBased out of Bengaluru, 
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Job Description

What is the larger purpose and impact of this role?

Flexible hotel booking is an entirely new phenomenon with very people being aware of this concept, even though most travelers have faced the problem with rigid full-day booking. Especially in India, where the concept suffers from taboo & stigma associated with the concept, bringing behavior change in travelers so that “pay for the hours you stay” becomes the norm and “full-day bookings” become history will be an extraordinarily challenging task.

Growth Marketing Strategist will be responsible for building brand authority of MiStay, creating awareness about this among masses and making MiStay the face of the next generation of travel.

What would be my responsibilities?
1. Building & leading the marketing team
  • In-house Team: Recruit a lean in-house marketing team (such as designer, videographer, content writer), manage & mentor them to collaboratively reach the organizational marketing goals
  • Agency/ Freelancers: Identify the marketing agencies/ freelancers for outsourcing require marketing efforts, monitor & manage them, coordinate with them to get the desired outputs
2. Brand awareness & identification of new channels for customer acquisition: Design the strategy & marketing plan in alignment with the goals, experiment and identify new channels of a sustainable increase in relevant traffic, customer acquisition, brand awareness and prioritize the efforts towards scaling up the optimal channels.
  • Brand Communication: Defining the voice of the brand based on the target customer persona and ensure unified brand communication across all touchpoints
  • Content Management – Planning, Generation, Distribution: Strategize the content plan in alignment with the brand voice to resonate with customer persona, work with in-house/ outsourced team for content generation (of various forms including video content), develop & implement content distribution plan across paid/ unpaid channels
  • Experimentation across New Channels: Identify and experiment with various new marketing channels such as affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, new partnerships identification for cross-marketing/ upselling, campus ambassador programs, PR, offline marketing, etc. Come up with new ideas/ initiatives for campaigns, execute and monitor them.
3. Conversion funnel optimization & growth of existing channels: Continuously monitor the complete booking conversion funnel across all organic or inorganic channels, identify inefficiencies, and continuously work towards optimizing the funnel.
  • PPC/ SEM, SMM: Monitor and analyze the performance/ effectiveness of PPC, SEM, SMM, display campaigns and work with in-house/outsourced team to optimize the campaigns
  • SEO, SMO, ASO: Work with in-house/ outsourced team to leads efforts for SEO, SMO & ASO
  • Retention/ Engagement: Analyse & manage CRM campaigns, loyalty programs, referral programs, mobile notification strategy, etc.
  • Product Management: Evaluate the product UI/ UX across web/ mobile platforms and work with the product/ technology/ operations/ business development teams to optimize conversion across channels

What type of candidate will succeed in this role?
3-6 years of relevant experience with exposure to diverse forms of digital marketing in a fast-paced consumer start-up would be preferred. The key competencies required include:
  1. Highly creative: Ability to come up with innovative/ creative ideas to design & run compelling campaigns
  2. Knowledge/ Experience: Understanding of the various marketing channels/ forms such as SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, CRM, analytical tools, etc. Ability to quickly learn new concepts/ forms of marketing.
  3. Analytical: Ability to think critically, breakdown broader goals into an action plan, the ability to analyze various forms of data to derive insights.
  4. Leadership: Ability to communicate effectively, lead a team and get things done

Additional Details

MiStay is founded by alumni of IIT Madras and backed by Axilor Capital, Kris Gopalakrishnan (Founder of Infosys) and various industry professionals. Currently operational in 90 Cities in India with around 1500 hotel partners, MiStay has been featured as "Top 5 Websites globally for Hourly or Day-use Hotels" and is one of the fastest growth travel-tech startups in the country. At MiStay, everyone gets the opportunity to participate and contribute to the overall growth strategies of the company apart from the core responsibilities, while working in an extremely entrepreneurial environment.
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